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Mushroom picking in Stubaki

Organized mushroom picking for visitors. For visitors from Zagreb a special “mushroom train” and transfer from the train station to the Drivers park in Pila is organized. An expert lecture about the interesting world of mushrooms is also organized, as well as enjoying of various delicacies, eco-ethno-oeno offer, and tastings of mushrooms’ and hunters soup.


V. European Congress of pastry and confectionery.

Omiš half-marathon

We are pleased to announce the second edition of this very attractive event that will take place on October 1st 2016, on the occasion of World Tourism Day. The recreational race/half-marathon is organized by the Tourist Board of Omis, along with the City of Omis, the Omis Marathon Swimming Association and the Omis Athletic Club. „Love to Run! Love the Cetina River Canyon!“ event consists of two parts:
• The half-marathon takes place along the Cetina canyon, in four stages (each 5,274 km long) to the Radmanove mlinice restaurant (total of 21,097 km)
• Recreational race is 6 km long in total, the first and second legs of the race are 3 km each, along the flatlands of the canyon.
-> The start and the finish line of the half-marathon and the recreational race are on Poljicki Trg square within the city's historic core.

photo Igor Turčinov

The mission of Latin sail days is affirmation of original values and education of young generation in a special way of life. Latin sail days are organized thru the whole mounth of September, there are different educational workshops, cultural evenings, occasional lectures, concerts going on. Latin sails days end with Latin sail regata, which will be organized on September 24th this year.

Traditional Pula X Race - night city race

You start in front of the ancient amphitheater, admire the Lighting Giants, run through the underground maze of tunnels-Zerostrasse..., then around the illuminated rotor at the entrance to Pula and are finally rewarded for your effort with magnificent medals at the finish line in the Arena.

If you're wondering what this is, the answer's obvious. It's the popular Pula X Race- night city race. This year's race offers a 5K and 10K run, and the runners can enjoy the fantastic night views of the city, lighting installations and a completely new experience. Welcome!


Festival Kvarner 2017 – Our most loved songs

Festival Kvarner enjoys the privilege of having one of the most beautiful concert locations in Europe, right next to the sea, and an exclusive programme of classical music, which delights all senses.

Remarkable success was achieved with the concerts of Europe's top orchestras and soloists in the rank of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras and other small but world-renowned orchestras and ensembles. Festival Kvarner is talked about as one of the leading classical music festivals in Croatia, while having a bearing on international level: "The new international music festival that is positioning Opatija with world class events…", editor of the BBC Music Magazine, UK.


Date: September 22nd 2017 | 20.30 h

Place: Centar Gervais | Opatija

Performers: Quadriga Consort

Lepoglava International Lace-Making Festival

The 21st edition of the Lepoglava International Lace-Making Festival will be held from the 21st to the 24th  September of 2017. The theme of the festival is the Heritage of European Lace-Making Schools and is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the opening of the Banate Lace-Making School in Lepoglava. This year's partner country of the Festival is the Federal Republic of Germany.

Visitors will be able to explore the heritage of European Lace-Making School at richly displayed exhibitions, interesting workshops and lectures. During the festival, Lepoglava will offer its visitors a number of corresponding cultural and entertainment events underlining the link between cultural and natural heritage.

The Lace-Making Festival is the holder of the title Remarkable Festival for 2017/2018 awarded by the European Festivals Association (EFA), whose brand in combination with our Festival's name testifies to the quality of our content and production. In this way, the Festival joins the international community of festivals distinguished by their artistic quality and notable influence at local, national and international level.

The battle of Makarska

The battle near Makarska  - 18. September 887.  On this day in the year 887 AD, at the foot of Biokovo Mountain near Makarska, in the battle called 'MUCULES', the pirates of Neretva inflicted a catastrophic defeat on the Venetians who were led by the Doge Petar Kandijan. After this battle, the Venetian Repulic was forced to pay tribute in gold to the Croatian rulers so their ships could sail and trade in peace. To commemorate this important battle, the modern state of Croatia celebrates annually the 18th September as 'Croatian Navy Day'.

photo Milan Kladnički

Cultural tourist manifestation of revived history that reminds us, in an authentic ambient of the Court Veliki Tabor, of historical figures from our past. In addition to knightly battles, a varied musical and theatrical program, museum workshops, presentations of old skills and crafts and a medieval fair are prepared for the visitors.

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