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Advent in Museums of Croatian Zagorje

This event tries to revive the true nature of the Advent, the period of waiting of the arrival of the young God. Advent is a time for family and friends, time for socializing and laughter, a time of penance, but also joy of the coming of Jesus.


Locations in which the event is taking place: 

Muzej seljačkih buna, Gornja Stubica;

Muzej “Staro selo” Kumrovec;

Dvor Veliki Tabor, Desinić;

Muzej krapinskih neandertalaca, Krapina

Advent in Marija Bistrica

Advent in Marija Bistrica has always been particularly celebrated and marked, which is inevitable in the Croatian national shrine and place of centuries old tradition of pilgrimage, old crafts and cultural events.

Zagorje Blues Etno Festival

Zagorje Blues Ethno Festival is an unique set of music events which incorporate fun and immediate entrance into the world of music, the world of blues and ethno, and brings the performer through concerts, workshops, exhibitions and informal socializing. ZBEF offers to visitors a closer approach to the music, and provides an introduction to local Zagorje customs, autochthon gastronomy and diversity of tourist offer.

“Chtef“ Zagorje chef

Culinary competition of Zagorje chefs who use indigenious, local ingredients  and their imagination to create new dishes.Other Zagorje brands, like Zagorje turkey, štrukli, locust honey, etc are also presented.

CROFISH; photo Udruženje obrtnika Poreč

CROFISH, the Fishing and Fishing Equipment Fair in Poreč is the only event of its kind held in Croatia.

The aim of the fair is to enable gathering and presentation of all interested economic entities operating in the fisheries, mariculture and sport fishing in Croatia and neighboring countries in one place, with all that in atmosphere of international and inter-regional cooperation as an important factor in the development of marine fisheries and mariculture. 

Association of Craftsmen Poreč, as a non-profit specialized association, makes great efforts in consulting, promotion and development of the economy in general, and especially in craftsmanship where fisheries are of the utmost importance and presence. Association of Craftsmen Poreč currently has more than 100 fishermen members.   
During the Fair, a series of side events is planned to be held, some with the accent to public discussions, expert lectures and meetings of partners - fishermen, and activities to make fishery products closer to tourist markets and public spending in schools and kindergartens. The aim of the fair is to strengthen the position of fishery products in local diet, regulation of the fishery markets, construction of fishing infrastructure, improving business cooperation and access to fisheries, intensification of production and exports, as well as increasing the competitiveness of the fishermen.

Festival Kvarner 2017 – Janoska style

Festival Kvarner enjoys the privilege of having one of the most beautiful concert locations in Europe, right next to the sea, and an exclusive programme of classical music, which delights all senses.

Remarkable success was achieved with the concerts of Europe's top orchestras and soloists in the rank of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras and other small but world-renowned orchestras and ensembles. Festival Kvarner is talked about as one of the leading classical music festivals in Croatia, while having a bearing on international level: "The new international music festival that is positioning Opatija with world class events…", editor of the BBC Music Magazine, UK.


Date: October 21th 2017 | 20.30 h

Place: Centar Gervais | Opatija

Performers: Janoska Ensemble

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