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Roman Days In Vinkovci

Did you know that two Roman emperors, Valens and Valentinian, were born in Roman Cibalae (todays Vinkovci)? Did you know that people used to drink beer, not wine in Cibalae? Do you want to meet an emperor, to see a Roman legion, gladiators or Roman ladies? Come to Vinkovci and experience the „Roman Days“ manifestation! -    Gladiators' battles -    A craft beer festival -    Tasting emperor's beer -    Workshops for children (straw workshops, ceramic workshops, circus workshops ...) -    Roman games -    A knowledge Olympiad -    A Roman fair -    Roman food -    Concerts -    Lectures -    A presentation of life in an encampment And much more! Come, see, explore and enjoy yourselves!  

Thrill Blues Festival

Thrill Blues Festival is one of many events that will fullfill „Summer in Trilj“ and expand offer of the city of Trilj and Split-Dalmatia County. In top season, 5th od July 2019, Trilj will become the capital of blues music. That day starts Thrill Blues Festival and the biggest names of blues music are packing for Trilj. Besides enjoying good music, all guests who visit this town on the Cetina River will have something interesting to see. First day, 5th of July is reserved for Blues at School, educational part of festival which is mostly organized for children and all guests who wants to learn more about blues music and it's history. All of those who come to Trilj can visit also exhibition of blues session in Trilj regional Museum as well as attend the presention of the book.  On 6th of July, Saturday afternoon, City park in Trilj is reserved for Gastro Show. There will be presented traditional dishes of Cetinska Krajina Region. And when the Sun goes down, blues show will start! All who wants to enjoy in Trilj and experienced it fully, we recommend to try kanu safari, rafting, horse riding or biking. If you enjoy more in sightseeing, visit the Fort Nutjak, the Fort Čačvina, Mills of Grab or Tilurium – Roman legionary camp.

DOBRO World Cup

A „DOBRO World Cup Eszék” tizenegyedik rendezvénye 2019. május 22.-től 26.-ig kerül megrendezésre, és újból egybegyűjti az olimpiai, a világ, és az európai érmek megszerzőit, és a „Gradski vrt” csarnokban a sokszámú nézőknek új lehetőséget nyújt élvezni a legjobb tornászok, és tornásznők fantasztikus előadásában.   A „DOBRO World Cup Eszék” kihagyhatatlan része lesz, az idén is a Gastro&Wine&Muic Festival FEELGOOD WIKEND a „Park Krešimira IV.“ nevezetű parkban, amely ízeivel, illatjaival, és hangjaival el fogja bűvölni az Eszékieket, de valamennyi Eszék, és a „DOBRO World Cup Eszék” vendégeit is. A gasztro-finomságok, csúcsminőségi borok, és sörök ezúttal sem fog senkit közömbösen hagyni, és ez a végső cél is – hogy mindenki aki szereti (megszereti) Eszéket ebben a szerelemben maradjanak végig.   A „DOBRO World Cup Eszék” védő arca az idén Seligman Robert a tavalyi Európai Bajnokság, és Mediterrán Játékok eszüst érmese lesz. 

Bookmobile Festival: Bookmobile, you don't say?

Rijeka will host the 14th round-table discussion on mobile libraries and the 8th Bookmobile Festival, which will showcase Croatian and international bookmobiles.

More Than Music 2019 – Concert Season at Šibenik Fortresses

Concert season 2019 brings More Than Music on one of the most prestiguous Adriatic stages!   For three summer months the top of St. Michael's Fortress will be a stage of world music stars and renown Croatian artists – Michael Kiwanuka, Jacob Collier, Božo Vrećo, Zoran Predin, Šibenska narodna glazba, Klapa Bonca, AME, HVOB, NY Ska Jazz Ensemble, Đorđe Balašević, Parni Valjak, Petar Grašo, Tony Cetinski. In addition to concerts with incredible acoustics and a beautiful view, at sunset or under the clear starry sky, the fortress' stage will host a three-day international Comedy Fortress Festival and world-famous dance ensembles as part of the Šibenik Dance Festival.   More announcements are expected soon.

Mature Generation Fair RIGHT AGE

The fifth edition of this unique project focuses on current issues concerning the quality of life of the elderly. Visitors can expect an entertaining and educational programme to encompass professional gatherings, lectures, creative workshops, fashion shows, music and dance. Health resorts, spas, homes for the elderly, companies with the equipment, aids and dietary supplements, telecom companies, companies providing jobs for retirees and others will present their services and products. Already traditional small free medical check-ups will be organized at exhibitor stands, offering examinations and advice to all visitors. This year as well the Reading room will be the place to relax and exchange books at the fair. Working hours of the fair: 10,00 – 18,00 h. Admission is free.
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