Nyaralás Horvátországban

International Mountain Car Race "Award of Stubičke Toplice"

Traditional sport manifestation held in the area of Stubičke Toplice. This race is one of the most challenging and most popular mountain car races in Croatia.

Easter Monday at Veliki Tabor

Festival of flintlock associations and promotion of the flintlock firing skills. This event promotes and presents the traditional custom of firing the flintlock at Easter time in Croatian Zagorje.

The Easter Holster of Kostel

The personal guard of Count Keglević, the owner of the Kostel-grad, was watching Christ's grave during the Easter night and fired the holsters on the Easter morning to celebrate his resurrection. This custom is 500 years old and today has the status of the intangible cultural heritage of Republic Croatia, and has spread all over Croatia and abroad.

Granny’s Cakes

Competition in culinary art of preparing sweets made after old recipes that the inhabitants of Krapina-Zagorje county keep as a living tradition of Zagorje gastronomic value. It is an unique manifestation of a region that promotes, in a original way, the autochthony of the foods and gastronomic value of Zagorje, promotes the value of women, family, tradition and, since the competition is each year held in the birth place of the last year's winner, the culture of the county and cities from which the competitors are coming from, and after each manifestation a cook book is published.

National Fair of Prosciutto Ham and Dry-Cured Meat Products

For nine years Sinj has been hosting the National Fair of Prosciutto Ham and Dry-Cured Meat Products with International Participation which is promoting a traditional way of producing dried meat products with the constant support of all associates, producers, croatian institutions and renowned experts. In the last several years, National Fair of Prosciutto Ham and Dry-Cured Meat Products in Sinj gain international character due to participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Slovenia. Fair hosts around 70 producers and several thousand visitors each year. This showcase event presents prosciutto and other dried meat products, cheese, wine, olive oil and traditional handcrafts from rural parts of Dalmatia, Lika, Slavonia and croatian islands. In the prosciutto ham quality evaluation part of the fair, renowned experts as members of the committee evaluate products based on Ordinance on Prosciutto Ham Quality Evaluation. Besides promotion of large variety of traditional products, National Fair of Prosciutto Ham and Dry-Cured Meat Products in Sinj has educational character in the form of workshops where both producers and visitors can get information on the production and sales of dry-cured meat products, protection of original Croatian products and quality label, the introduction of standards, models of association, the market, trends, cooperation opportunities, stimulation and funding programmes of governmental and other institutions, etc.

Island of Pag trail

The island of Pag is associated with the bora winds, fine cheese and savoury lamb. So the Pag Island Trail is an ideal opportunity to get to know Kolan, often called the cheese capital, and the culture and customs of the island of Pag. Unusually for an area with very harsh karst terrain, the territory of the Kolan Municipality offers a wide range of macadam trails and footpaths along the seashore (no need to worry about ‘off-road running’). During the race, the Kolan Municipality, as the organizer, will present its original products, culture and long-standing traditions at the refreshment stations and the finish-line. Learn why Pag cheese wins gold medals and what is so special about Pag’s sheep.? “The sheep on Pag move about freely inside broad fields bordered by stacked stone fences. Given the availability of certain plants (as opposed to other sheep which eat pretty much any plant), their milk is so highly-valued because it is not used to produce milk but rather cheese. This is the same reason why Pag lambs have an enchanting flavour, which you can experience yourself at the finish line. Whey, as a by-product of the cheese-making process, can also be sampled at the refreshment stations and finish-line, to the delight of all athletes for whom this product is a vital component of a sports diet.” The race will be opened by a surprise guest, and at its finish-line you will be treated to entertainment, with lunch prepared by the industrious natives of Kolan. Entertainment will also be carried throught the night with Crvena jabuka band. We will prepare a sale of local produce. Take the opportunity to socialize while participating in the race, and get to know and feel the island of Pag.
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