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Plitvice Film Festival

Plitvice Lakes National Park is celebrating two great and important anniversaries in 2019: 70 years since being declared a national park and 40 years since being added to the UNESCO World Heritage register. To mark the occasion of these significant dates, our festive spirit inspired us to start up Plitvice Film Festival, that will be held from 19th until 22nd September at auto-camp Korana, with a film programme which holds the unabated focus on nature and its preservation. One of the more important aims of the Festival is to make children and young people realise the significance of nature, and our need for its preservation for coming generations. The films we bring, therefore, are aimed to educate about the relationship between human kind and nature and raise awareness about the urgency of its protection. Our varied programme includes films by great film directors as well as some up-and-coming names in the business, only now making their way into the wonders of cinema.

Splitgraphic biennial - International Biennial of Graphic Art

9th Splitgraphic biennial 2019 International Biennial of Graphic Art: Solo exhibition YOSHIO IMAMURA (Japan). Solo exhibition by Yoshio Imamura, a renowned Japanese artists and printmaker will be organised as a part of the 9th Splitgraphic biennial in the gallery Salon Galić. Yoshio Imamura (1948.) is the winner of the Grand Prix award of the 8th Splitgraphic in 2017. Imamura is the master of graphic art, very well known on the international contemporary graphic art scene and member of prestigious Japanese Print Association. He will exhibit forty prints from his “The Cosmos and the Ground” cycle. These are works he made from 2009 to 2019 and they are all interconnected by: tradition and contemporaneity of Japanese printmaking by using traditional Japanese woodblock technique in combination with other printmaking techniques, themes of nature and universality of existence, and sensibility of art expression. Imamura's exhibition is the first part of the 9th Splitgraphic whose programme will be held in 2019 and 2020. The exhibition is organised in partnership with Croatian Association of Artists – Split.

International Conference: Conservation and restoration in underwater archaeology

Conservation and restoration in underwater archaeology: experiences, methods and new discoveries – CRUA 2019. The aim of the conference is to bring together scientists and experts involved in the conservation and restoration work of underwater archaeological heritage and other interested stakeholders from Croatia and abroad, in order to strengthen cooperation and networking and contribute and enhance the sharing of knowledge and experience. Three major themes have been chosen – In situ preservation of underwater archaeological materials and sites, Relevant case studies in the conservation of underwater archaeological finds and Application of new materials and technologies for conservation practice and continued review of established methods. Two-day conference will be held at the former St. Nicholas Church within the ICUA’s premises and the University of Zadar („Old campus“). Finally, the main purpose of the conference is to bring the importance of protecting and preserving the underwater cultural heritage closer to people. Lecturers will be Croatian and foreign experts, representatives of eminent foreign universities and institutes selected from 14 countries.

Zadar Classic Open Air: Linda Primožić & Zvonimir Stejskal

Linda Primožić (Zadar, 1994) attended the Petar Preradovic Elementary School in her hometown from 2001 to 2009. She continued her secondary education at the Zadar Economic and Technical School, which she completed in 2013. In addition to her regular education, she attended and graduated from Blagoje Bersa Elementary and Secondary Music School, Guitar Degree, class professor prof. Hrvoje Šteko. She has participated in several competitions, with the the best result in 2014 at the Pula Guitar Fest with the second place in her category. In 2015, she enrolled in the Study of Music Arts at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education, University of Mostar, in the direction of guitars, class professor doc. Jani Shehu. Ivan Zvonimir Stejskal was born on July 10, 1994 in Split. He completed his basic music education at Lovro pl. Matahić school in Omiš in the class of prof. Neno Munitifa, and secondary music school in Makarska also in the class of prof. Neno Munitifa. He is currently a guitar student at FPMOZ Mostar. In addition to participating in numerous seminars and guest appearances, he has won multiple awards.

Dani u Vali - Stari Grad

International festival of sea and seamen „Days in the bay" will once again transform Stari Grad Bay into a stage for Croatian traditional boats from Istria to Neretva, accompanied by honored guests from Montenegro. The rich programme brings a variety of workshops, presentations, screenings, lectures and discussions, traditional food and drinks degustations, as well as an evening music program on the main festival stage. The Dance of Sails and Lights - a night-time boat parade of traditional ships that will take place on September 14th is a particularly attractive feature.

International Exhibition: Risk Change

In the fourth exhibition "episode" of the Risk Change project, we will once again deal with one of the most controversial phenomena of today: migration processes.
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