Nyaralás Horvátországban

Fažana street food festival

Street food; simple, convenient, ready-to-eat food sold by street vendors, food to go, a guarantee of quality and memorable food experience. "Fažanski gušti (tastes)"in their street food edition... Prepare yourself for three days of simple, delicious and innovative food ideas, take part in cooking workshops, have fun or just relax and have a beach picnic with inevitable rock, jazz, pop soundtracks...

NONO art festival

Promotion of the contemporary visual arts scene of Istria through the dialogue between audience and artists.

Senatus Populusque Fasanensis: Roman Valbandon

Presentation of Fažana's Roman history; Roman villas and olive oil works, amphora production plant and gastronomy offer of ancient Roman recipes As many as seven Roman patrician families had their magnificent villas built in the area of Fažana, together with small production plants. At one of these sites, in Valbandon bay, every July we go back into the past, all the way to classical Roman times!

Gastronomy festival, Fažana

Competition in preparing traditional Istrian maneštra, presenting traditional crafts related to Istrian cuisine. What were Istrian gastronomy and local cuisine like in the period called “La Belle Époque” at the beginning of the 20th century? A visit to Fažana takes us to this “gastronomy festival” which opens its doors and reveals the secrets of the kitchens and fireplaces of long ago. The traditional dish maneštra (thick vegetable soup) has its place of honor here. “Maneštra festival” is a tribute to this culinary evergreen.

Porto Ethno Festival

Rhythms, chants, flavours and scents from various cultures across the globe will make Rijeka the centre of global culture in the first weekend of September. What better example of Rijeka's multicultural collage than these approximately one-hundred musicians and 15 cuisines from all over the world.

Slide Festival

The idea behind the Slide Festival is expressed in its subtitle "active holidays for children", offering something completely different from the blistering asphalt and the boring empty city during the summer holidays. We are working on the Slide Festival with children and not just for them.
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